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God Has Made A Way

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God Has Made A Way

In life we sometimes get ourselves into situations that seem almost impossible to get out of. We spend too much money, we work too many hours, we didn’t work enough hours, we said things we should not have said or we forgot to take care of some important business. Whatever the case, God has made [...]

ATTENTION PUBLIC: Info on Chicagoland Socialite Barbara Parrillo McCarthy WANTED!

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Richard “Dick” Parrillo

This is a request for information from those familiar with Barbara Parrillo McCarthy of Oak Brook, Illinois. Ms. McCarthy is the daughter of insurance mogul and Chicago resident Richard “Dickie” Parrillo. I am in the process of assessing if there is enough credible evidence to warrant a thoroughly intense exposé on Ms. McCarthy. According to [...]

ANP Roundtable for November 4th, 2013

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Kelsey Grammer as Tom Kane, The Mayor of Chicago on the television series Boss.

Hello everyone, this is Joseph Fosco with today’s ANP Roundtable discussion. Today Frank Coconate and I were the hosts. Ashleigh D’Andrea has been working on other things. During our show today we recapped a few things that were covered via ANP over the last couple of months. For those of you tuning in to our [...]


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The Daley Center

This is a request for information from those familiar with Illinois’ Cook County Judge Catherine Marie Haberkorn (who sits in the Skokie, Illinois, satellite courthouse, known as the Second District) and her daughter, the very young and beautiful Cassie Elizabeth Cirignani Esquire, who works in the Office of the Chief Judge of Cook County, Illinois. [...]

Suspended Sports Show Host Terminated

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Michael Magnafichi

When I preemptively suspended Michael Magnafichi from ANP’s sports show a couple of weeks ago, I honestly did not believe that it would turn into a termination. For those of you unfamiliar with the circumstances leading up to Magnafichi’s suspension, please catch up by clicking here. Without ever being officially reinstated from his 2-week long [...]


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Jack And Lou’s Restaurant

This Public Service Announcement is for those familiar with the Melrose Park, Illinois, based restaurant named Jack & Lou’s, located at 2001 North Mannheim Road and/or 1929 North 19th Avenue (possible satellite location). In the spirit of justice, American News Post appeals to the community in seeking information on the following 6 allegations: 1) Allegations that [...]

Heir Of Restaurant Magnate Dick Portillo Targeted?

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ANP Roundtable

I am bringing you unfortunate news pertaining to ANP’s Sports Podcast and Behind the Scenes piece, which has recently been renamed the Roundtable. According to sources close to Dick Portillo, owner of the food conglomerate known as Portillo Restaurant Group, businessman Joe Celozzi, who recently appeared twice as a guest on ANP’s Roundtable, is the center [...]

Hillary Allies NBC And CNN Begin The Clinton Campaign Early

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Our next president?

The news has been out for some time about the upcoming Clinton Lovefest to be sponsored by DNC shills the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and the Cable News Network (CNN). Both stations are getting ready to produce television extravaganzas celebrating the excellence of Hillary Clinton. The unavoidable conclusion that these productions should be a major [...]

Detroit Falls

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Somewhere between 18 and 20 billion dollars. That’s the estimate for Detroit’s debt burden. The Motor City, built with the blood and sweat of blue collar autoworkers, has been systematically plundered by kleptomaniacal politicians and thieving unions.  They promised money for votes and cut horrifying deals to line their own pockets, under the impression that [...]

A Defeat For Common Sense, Decency, In Florida

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A great national tragedy befell the United States yesterday evening. George Zimmerman murdered a boy named Trayvon Martin and a jury decided that Mr. Zimmerman, despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, should go free. The situation may have been best summed up by civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton when he branded the outcome of [...]