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June And Rebirth

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In my opinion, the month of June is a time of renewal. As spring cleaning comes to an end, we head into a balmy, friendly season that allows us more freedom to experience all of the wonderful things that nature brings. Old relationships are renewed against a backdrop of swimming pools, boat rides and barbecues. […]

A Happy Woman Brings Joy To Others

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Personally, I find women to be among the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Women are beautiful, soft, sweet, kind and loving. They know how to make a man stand at attention in more ways than one. Women are very intelligent human beings. When a woman falls in love with a man, she might dream […]

It’s Your Time!

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It’s Your Time!

What is the most valuable thing on earth? Time, because everything is acquired in time and all of man’s business is conducted by time. You could have food, clothing, fabulous homes, wisdom, have all you want, but if you do not have time, it means you have nothing. Carl Sanburg said “Time is the coin […]

I Will Not Fear

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Pastors Dennis and Bobbie Jo White

I have learned that when creativity stops or problems solving becomes an issue it is due to people’s fears. Fear is the opposite of faith and phrases like “I can’t, It won’t or I don’t see how” are all fear producing thoughts. Fear does not focus on success it focuses on failure. In 2 Timothy […]

Kudos to Appellate Court Of Illinois For Affirming Dr. Joseph Giacchino’s Revocation

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Joseph Giacchino

For those of you unfamiliar with Joseph Giacchino, whose Illinois medical license was revoked in 2011, please insert his name into the American News Post search bar. There you will be able to peruse many detailed articles illustrating of the quality of the person known to many as Dr. Joseph Giacchino. However, at the risk […]

Is Elmwood Park President Saviano Trying To Blackmail A Resident To Thwart His Run Against Crony Silvestri?

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Angelo ‘Skip’ Saviano

On January 6th, 2014, Elmwood Park, Illinois, Village President Skip Saviano behaved like a spoiled brat as he failed miserably in serving the Village of Elmwood Park as a responsible, professional and respectful host of the bi-monthly village board meeting. As the meeting began, Saviano swiftly and conveniently relied on his hired mouthpiece, Village Attorney […]

CBS 2 Reporter Dave Savini

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CBS 2 Reporter Dave Savini

On January 4, 2014, CBS2 News Reporter David Savini was arrested and charged with multiple misdemeanor offenses including DUI and battery. According to public records, Naperville, Illinois, resident Alexander E. Romero signed a battery complaint against Savini. In addition, Savini submitted to a breathalyzer test and blew .134. Based on Savini’s long and successful career […]

Elmwood Park: ANP Needs Your Help!

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Elmwood Park Chief of Police Frank Fagiano

ANP needs your help – so that we can help you! Recent developments regarding the infamous Elmwood Park Police Sergeant John Wasilenko, who cashed a $20,000.00 check belonging to an elderly Elmwood Park resident suffering from dementia, make it clear that Elmwood Park Chief of Police Frank Fagiano failed to protect his residents. Removing Wasilenko […]

RE: Elmwood Park Sgt. Wasilenko

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John Wasilenko

In order for my article to make sense to you, please click here to read some background information on the subject before proceeding. Thank you. I am in the process of collecting intelligence on matters regarding Elmwood Park, Illinois, Police Sergeant John Wasilenko and some other police personnel within the infamous Elmwood Park Police Department. […]

You Are Not Plan ‘B’

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You Are Not Plan ‘B’

You may not have been planned by your parents or those who brought you into this world but be assured of this; the fact that you are alive is proof that you are indeed necessary. You were allowed to be born for a reason. You may not as of yet discovered your true purpose in […]