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Dr. Madison’s Avenue To Trouble: Giacchino’s Melrose Park Clinic

Posted on 28. Jun, 2010 by in Organized Crime

Dr. Madison’s Avenue To Trouble: Giacchino’s Melrose Park Clinic

Upon calling the Melrose Park Clinic recently, American News Post learned that it very well might be business as usual at the clinic. A female individual that answers the phone at (708) 343-2500, identifying herself as an employee of Melrose Park Clinic had indicated that a physician by the name of Dr. Paul Madison is […]

Dr. Joseph Giacchino Defrauded The Department Of Justice For The Outfit

Posted on 17. Jun, 2010 by in Organized Crime

Dr. Joseph Giacchino Defrauded The Department Of Justice For The Outfit

In the first week of July 2002, Chicago Outfit Underboss, Nicholas J. “Buddy” Ciotti, Jr., was released from FCI Oxford Camp. Then Ciotti was known as inmate number 11728-424. As a condition of his release from Oxford, Ciotti was ordered to spend at least one month in the halfway program at the Salvation Army building […]

The Fix Was In On The Reinstatement Of Giacchino’s Medical License In The 1980s

Posted on 20. May, 2010 by in Organized Crime

Regardless of how much respect Chicago Tribune’s John Kass and his office may give the Giacchino’s during the current hearings on Giacchino’s medical license, Kass will never learn what I know without reading my articles. In an unofficial sense, I had the opportunity to interview/examine the following people over the years: 1. Joseph L. Giacchino, […]

According To The Illinois Department Of Professional Regulations, Porn Star Maria Luisa Gil-Giacchino Is Not The Only Woman Compelled To Give Her Husband Oral Relaxation

Posted on 09. May, 2010 by in Organized Crime

For those of you wondering about the true details behind the reason for the suspension of Joseph L. Giacchino’s Illinois medical license, I have some answers for you. Information has come to the attention of the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations that Joseph L. Giacchino has allegedly issued and/or provided prescriptions for large quantities of […]

Mr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr. – Your Request To …

Posted on 06. May, 2010 by in Organized Crime

Former Judge Joseph Casciato

On May 4, 2010, Mr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr. had his high-powered lawyer, former Cook County Chancery Judge Joseph Casciato, and other attorneys appear in a Chancery Court Room at the Daley Center in hopes of convincing Chancery Judge Leroy Martin, Jr. (son of former Superintendant of Chicago Police) to temporarily reinstate Giacchino’s suspended Illinois […]

Dr. Rose T. Codini, M.D., And Dr. Diane V. Dado, M.D., Both Love Mr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr And Will Do Nearly Anything For Him

Posted on 29. Apr, 2010 by in Organized Crime

Dr. Dado

I personally know Dr. Rose T. Codini, M.D., and Dr. Diane V. Dado, M.D. Both doctors are wonderful people as well as excellent physicians. Dr. Codini owns and operates a medical center in Laguna Hills, California, where she specializes as a gastroenterologist. Dr. Dado is a newly retired plastic surgeon that worked for Loyola Hospital […]

ATTENTION PUBLIC – On April 22, 2010 Pharmacies Across Chicagoland Have Been Notified By Officials That Mr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr., Is No Longer A Medical Doctor In Good Standing In The State Of Illinois

Posted on 23. Apr, 2010 by in Announcements, Organized Crime

Mr. Joseph Giacchino, Jr.

The following is a public service announcement: WARNING – please be advised former patients of Mr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr. that any unfilled prescriptions that you have from Mr. Giacchino are officially invalid. Destroy them at once. Mr. Giacchino’s license has been suspended. Read about it here (this is a screen capture from the State […]

Dr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr., MD. Strikes Again!

Posted on 08. Apr, 2010 by in Organized Crime

According to sources, it seems the DEA will not be filing criminal charges against Dr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr., MD. However, it appears the State of Illinois will soon be going after his medical license. Evidently the state frowns on a Pusher M.D. for issuing illicit prescriptions to patients-in-pain that are now addicted to the […]

Where Is Dr. Giacchino’s Cash Fortune?

Posted on 03. Jan, 2010 by in Organized Crime

My sources informed me that Dr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr, MD, has issued over 12 thousand prescriptions for narcotic pain medicine in the year 2008 alone. I have further learned that Giacchino charges anywhere from $200 to $400.00 per visit (for scripts) and is mostly paid in cash. Once you do the math, you will […]

Dr. Demorest Is Not Retired, Though Giacchino And DiFronzo Probably Wish He Was

Posted on 29. Dec, 2009 by in Organized Crime

KTF Media Group and I have become sounding boards for disgruntled patients of the Melrose Park Clinic and River Grove Clinic (both in Illinois). We receive emails constantly from patients and their family members that are very dissatisfied with treatment at MPC and RGC. The majority of the complaints that we get are about the […]